More Violator;)

Ok here it goes. Got the outfits from Violator and decided to blog them before everyone did hehe/ . Well they are not the latest but I can guarantee you that it never gone out of style ;)

Violator copy

Outfit: (L to R)
hair: [rQ]Low(M)~SOIL
skin: CheerNo.HOMMESkin VenusEURO ShaV
eyes: Expressive eyes green 6 by Nany Merlin
Shoes: *~*Pirate Boots: Beau/Plain/Divided/Large from illusions

Outfit: VIOLATOR-A Midsummer Dream LILIAC-R-by Soraya VaherShoes: VIOLATOR: Shoes:ScreamOf TheRaptor Grid-Tentacle-ColorChange-bySVaher

Hair: Uw.St Hibiki Mesh Black
Tattoo: DarkYakuza Medium from Garden of Ku
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers - Oslo Gray
Outfit: Violator - Swan Overture - Male Red Black

More Violator? here it goes:) something that you will love ;)
Next I got a special outfit for you. Something from Violator. I know that you going to like it. Take a look below. It comes with tencles that is surrounded your body. So what you waiting for? :)

Miss GK 2010 - Test Outfit - Outfit 001-Photo 002 copy

Jewelery: Gems & Kisses - Strict Elegance - Gold - Miniset, Tails - Gold - Rings, Behind the Mask - Gold - Mask
Outfit: VIOLATOR-The Death of the Black Swan-rev-by Soraya Vaher

Jogging in the Park

Hey guys, Sorry for not blogging last week. My excuse for it is that… IT IS REALLY FREEZING OVER HERE~!!!! (lol) I really should be like a Grizzle bear, need hibernation. (:p) I am sure all of you know that feeling, when is cold and you wake up, you get out from under the covers and the chill just fills your body and you have that feeling that you just don’t want to do anything but get back in that warm bed…

But that is not the healthy way to live. No sir. So how else can we do to fight the cold? The best way to warn you up is by exercising, yes, get off that lazy butt and do some work out, that is how you will get warm and feel better about yourself.

To go along with that idea, I put together this outfit ideal for a morning workout in the outdoors.

The windbreaker doesn’t look familiar does it? Is from a store I totally got to totally by random explorering. The store is call +++Alles Klar+++. Some might remember it being mention on the Beanie Loves Japan blog about its prim bambi and allpaka, the store actually is not a fashion store but it sales random items at very low prices. This windbreaker is not for sale there, but rather a lucky board item, 3 minute each change or letter. The jacket comes for both men and women in the same box and it has full prim arms (forearm and upper arm attachment) as well as a prim collar. I love that the design is simple yet the color contrast of the bright yellow lines over the black coat is very eye catching.

I am also wearing a beanie from Argrace, yes I know~ I have too many of their items, but it is just common sense to buy color change scripted items since that is buying more than just one beanie but rather a bunch you can use with different outfits. The workout pants are from the same store and they come with prim strings, both side rolled up, one side rolled up, both full length and a short version.

The shoes are the Urban Bomb Unit Drunks that I have previously posted just totally recolor to match the outfit better (Thank you color changing script~!!!! XD) and the water bottle in my hand is from Sleek if I don’t recall wrongly, I got it from the cabinet at Vitamen… :P

And here is the style sheet:

Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE* Beanie - Medium - Dark brown
Windbreaker: +Alles Klar+ aZ Windbreaker LB Box
Pants: *ARGRACE* Work out "Black" Men
Shoes: UBU Drunks

I know this post is kind of short but as I said. I am really in hibernation mode right now so please forgive my laziness. (lol)

I hope everyone like this post and have a good work out this morning.


Argrace new release and anniversary gift

Hey guys, First of all I would like to apologies for not posting any sooner, its been busy in RL and now also in SL as I got a new job. I am now the newest male stylist of Glance International Agency.
And secondly, the main reason for this post is because I have got great news~! Argrace came out with new products this couple of days and as the big fan of the brand as I am, I just couldn’t say no to get them all. I decide to make an outfit out of it and share it with all of you.

Today’s outfit is basically completely made up of Argrace items I have had together with the new items that just got release.
The boots are new and they come in 5 different colors. They are ankle and come with a touch resize script. The leather texture is very detail and I love them. The color you see in this picture is L-Brown but it also comes in Black, D-Mocha, D-Rusty and Nude. The other new release is the new simple tailored jacket. It is a basic design but it come with lot of options. There are 5 types of shirt available and each comes with 5 different ties with collar, tie less shirt collar, t-shirt, 3 set of sleeves, and the jacket can be worn with these or just the jacket to mix and match for all kind of occasion.
The hat and hair is also from Argrace and is fully sculpt and script for color change for up to 7 different colors as well as resizing. As for the belt, I decided to use my Sey D.L. belt without the logo and it is also a color changing item so you can match it with any outfit you want. And the pants are from Valiant which I have previously blogged.
The scarf I have on is the anniversary gift from Argrace which is only available till January so hurry up and grab yours while is still available bag is a freebie from the Korean University and the glasses are from role optic which are simply the best I have seen in-world so far.
Here is the style sheet:
Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE* Hunting - Natural Wavy - Dark brown
Belt::sey D.L.Belt
Glasses: ROLE OPTIC SG-56 Arcadi
Jacket: *ARGRACE* tailored Jacket (M) Type-D
Pants: *Valiant* Silver Fish Black/Blue denim jeans
Scarf: *ARGRACE* Hooded Scarf (M)
Shoes: *ARGRACE* Mid Leather boots (M) L-Brown
I hope everyone like this outfit and I promise I will try better to keep up with the job of sharing my outfits ideas with you guys.
Love you all and till the next time

Nihonga Artist

Hello hello :)

Today’s look is dedicated to Japan, Japan's Nihonga artists, & three beautiful girls – Sora Tatham, Marry Eel, and Rakusu. Natasja and I met Sora, Marry, and Rasuku at a hair store and we ended up chatting, dancing, riding a slug, and doing the craziest of things. Think we even scared few customers away:-D. thanks for the fun time girls! :)

The skin, shirt, bag, and shoes are from SL Japanese stores, great items for great price, as always.

I think the look overall is a bit painter (artist)-like. I would have loved to have added a paint brush and easel but for now imagine that they are inside the bag :-P Hope you like the look!

Skin: SilkGirl Skin Hua Mixed B Endless makeup
Hair: LollipopZ Sunset- Dark Brown

Shirt: *Connors* Sweater Rose and WhiteShirt
Pants: *BOOM* Seaman Pants pitch
Ring: [ glow ] studio - Gold Crow Ring
Bag: IZUMAKi Duffel bag in Orange
Shoes: R2 Mahealani in Orange

Entrel Mores

hey hey sorry for the lack of update, :p due to the fact that I am so so busy these days to take a pic of myself! only managed to get some done but not a complete one..anyways! today i am showing you a pic of Entrel Mores! a designer that is new to the Secondlife fashion industry!Some of her outfit are alluring and sexy in other words. :) I attached a pictures that I have taken and the name of the outfit


is called Camilla (below) and Sara Light blue (above)...unique and cute for a dress like this. I feel so sexy wearing it btw :D So come on down to Entrel Mores and check out her collection! :)


outfits by Entrel Mores

Street dancer

Lately I been watching movies about dancing, you know, step up, step up 2, stomp the yard, etc etc. I know I know.... they are old movies, nothing new, I just happen to have some free time and I really like dancing myself so I came up with a new post with a street dancing theme. I even did the poses myself which I am really proud of because of all the hard work I put into them. so here is the link to the full post

Dazzing the streets by Alan Tamatzui

I hope you all enjoy it & see you next time


City Traveler

I love to explore. Half the time I am in-world, I am just wondering around different Sims to see what new excitement I can run into and in my early days of "traveling", I came across a great store which still is one of my favorite of all time, Argrace.
For this fall season, they came out with a few new items which look fantastic and to me are items I must have, but the one that I like the most, is the COAT "Traveler".

At first sight, I knew that "I have to have it". The details on the coat is as with all their products, outstanding, the style was ideal for almost daily use and I just couldn’t say no to it so without putting up a strong fight against my addiction to shopping, I surrendered my Lindens over to Air & Rika...
I picked out the Black color male version of the jacket; it came with 3 styles, Jacket only, with red knit v-neck shirt or a black v-neck shirt. I also got the hat/hair from them which I think looks great with the jacket the *ARGRACE* Casket which came with 2 styles of decorations, belt or button.

The pants and shoes I matched the Argrace products with are from a job I did for a stylist friend, Stacie Pryor who I really admire and had fun working with. The pants are from Valiant and the Shoes are from ordinary.
Notice that in this second photo, the necklace and shirt I am wearing are free items, suprising how good they look right? :P
Below I am putting out the style sheet for the pictures
Picture One:
Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE* Casket(Belt) - Men's Long - Dark brown
Coat and shirt: *ARGRACE* COAT " Traveler" (black) Men with knit (red)
Scarf: AOHARU_BT_SimpleScarf_Black(Male)
Pants: *Valiant* Silver Fish Black/Blue denim jeans
Shoes: *ordinary* -Loridae- tan
Picture Two:
Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE* Casket(Button) - Men's Long - Dark brown
Coat: *ARGRACE* COAT " Traveler" (black) Men
Shirt: ...Scars...Free catsaw [emerald-green]
Necklace: :sey club necklace-"SEY"
Pants: *Valiant* Silver Fish Black/Blue denim jeans
Shoes: *ordinary* -Loridae- tan
I hope everyone enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it.

Until next time. Chau~